Friday, June 27, 2008

Past Year REAL SPM paper

here's sum book tt I found in da bookstore n I thnk it's quite helpful..It's past year REAL SPM paper..
RM 4.60
RM 4.90
RM 6.90
RM 4.60
RM 4.60
RM 6.30 -I thnk Ms.Ong wants us 2 buy dis book-
RM 8.60
RM 8.90
RM 8.60

I bought it frm Popular Bookstore but I thnk u can get it sumwhere else..when I bought it,I got 15% discount..I'm x sure whether der's stil discount..If u wanna do past yr ques,I recommend u 2 buy dis book as it is SELLING FAST..

I thnk by end of next month,it's gonna b out of stock already..

Ps: I didn't buy Moral n BC so I'm x sure abt the price..


pcso lotto results said...

Thanks to the blog owner. What a blog! nice idea.

Lee Young, 李阳 said...

Oh ya, about these books, I've bought it on wed. XD