Tuesday, August 24, 2010

7th gathering - Farewell for Jason Chong, Ian & Keenen

Date: 29 Aug 2010
Time: 6pm - l0.30pm
Venue: Wong Kok Restaurant SS2

Farewell for Jason Chong, Ian, Kennen who is going to England for their further studies!

P/S: The date had changed to this SUNDAY.
Luke's farewell postponed till further notice.

CONFIRM YOUR attendance by 27 Aug 2010 (12am)

Attending: Jason Chong, Henry Tan, Jay Wvin, Keenen,Chun Wai

6th gathering Cycling @ Putrajaya

Date: 10 July 2010
Time: 10am
Venue: Wetland, Putrajaya
Attended: Eng Yuan, Kai Jie, Ian, ShuYing, Choon Lim, Li Kee, Boon Wei, Wei Quan, Chun wai, Zhen Yoong, Keenen, Eli, Iiko, Wei Quan

A new cycling experience for the s5-sians at Putrajaya!
Cool driver in action,they drive from ss15 to Putrajaya.
Camry- Chun Wai,
Swift - Ian,
Myvi - Kennen
 We arrived at the Botanical Garden
everyone looks excited playing with the "sunflower"
Shu Ying, Kai Jie & Iiko
However, there is not enough bicycle for us, so we went back home to the Wetland.
More bicycles are available there.

Eli, Iiko, ShuYing, & Boon Wei

After a 5mins drive, we reached the place.  
More bicycles available.
Kai Jie:"Do I look cool with the bicycle?"
Panorama shooting
the view
we cycle to a small Lake
 nothing much, just a couple of swam 
and we chill at the Pondok for a while,
it's really too hot & sunny out there

Ian, WeiQuan, ChunWai, Eli & Iiko

Group shot #1

Group shot #2
show your "5"

Before we went back, we went up to a 5 stories tall tower
the view from the tower
The Pentadbiran Utama Putrajaya & Putrajaya Mosque

Group shot!
Panoroma Shot
(Boon Wei MIA-the photographer )

Poser in action!
*favourite shot*

KaiJie, ShuYing, EngYuan, Iiko

Iiko, ShuYing, Eli & Wei Quan

We changed our clothes and head to Sri Kembangan for our lunch 

the food (BEFORE)

the food (AFTER)
*I know we are a big eater*

Since the restaurant is located quite near with our teacher advisor's house.
so we plan to meet her up at Jusco Taman Equine
Pn. Yap Sheau Wei
*my teacher with her cute pose*

and she just born a baby girl
(sleeping silently)

group photo with her before we leave.
It's great to see her! All the best yea!

Thanks to those who attend this gathering!
Thanks Chun Wai for organizing.
Thanks to our cool driver Ian & Keenen
All photo credits to Chun Wai.

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

6th Gathering (Cycling At Botanical Garden, Putrajaya)

Hey, 5S5 people :
We are planning for a July OUTING (2010)
Date: 9 July 10 - 14 July 10
Time: 8am - 6pm
Venue: Botanical Garden, Putrajaya
Activity : Cycling in the park, bicycles are available for rent.

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Please vote for the following polls and leave your comments in the chat-box and let the votes make the decision.

New Updates !
1. nil

Okay, these are the details about the Botanical garden, Putrajaya,

It is located at Precinct 1, Putrajaya, along Persiaran Sultan Salahuddin Abdul Aziz Shah.

The park is established on 230 acres of what was formerly agricultural land and home to more than 700 species of plant life (although we did not see that much) from over 90 tropical countries in South America, Africa and Asia Pacific region. It is divided into four main zones - the Explorer's Trail, Palm Hill, Floral Gardens and Lakeside. Each zone is again separated into different collections.

The park is open daily from 9am - 7 pm. The admission is free but the entry fee to interactive exhibition is RM 2 (which opened on Tuesday to Sunday from 10am - 6pm). I personally recommend you to go on morning as it is easier to get a bicycle if you are interested in cycling and it is hotter in the evening.

Less than 2 hours: RM 4.00 per unit
Additional hour: RM 3.00 per unit
Sat, Sun & Public Holiday
Less than 1 hour: RM 4.00 per unit
Additional hour: RM 3.00 per unit

In general, here is a great place to get some fresh air and release your stress after a week of work. But do not put on high expectation as you will not see as much species of flora as this park claimed and i hardly feel the different between the region if it was not mentioned. Besides there are only a few bicycles available in the park (appro. 20).

6th Gathering (Cycling At Botanical Garden, Putrajaya)



Friday, May 28, 2010

Sign Up For Streamyx Cool Uni Pack Student Package Now !

Hi people,

Are you frustrated with slow internet connection ? If you do, it's time to sign up for faster connection speed up to 4Mbps, for only RM88/month. Pay less for great deals !

Streamyx's special package known as Streamyx Cool Uni Pack does not only offer broadband services at student price, but also offering a free NETBOOK and a free wifi modem. The netbook details will be as follows:

Netbook details:

Brand: HP mini 210
Processor: Intel Atom N450
OS: Windows 7 Starter Edition

However, only UNIVERSITY STUDENT is eligible to subscribe for the Streamyx Cool UNI Pack, students must meet the following criteria:
  • The students must be from households with a monthly income of RM3000 or less.
  • Students must be enrolled as 1st or 2nd year students at any public or private higher educational institution in Malaysia.
  • Students must be endorsed by the Student Affairs Unit of the respective university or college.

    It's not necessary for you to take the 4Mbps package, you can also choose a cheaper package with lower price.

    Complete Package Pricings:

    1. 384kbps unlimited broadband - RM38/month
    2. 512kbps unlimited broadband - RM53/month
    3. 1Mbps unlimited broadband - RM68/month
    4. 2Mbps unlimited broadband - RM83/month
    5. 4Mbps unlimited broadband - RM88/month

    For more details, please visit www.streamyx.com.

    Stay tuned for our another gathering around July.

Thursday, March 11, 2010

SPM Certificate Collection

Hello people,

Please collect your SPM official certificate, (the one you took two years ago is just a transcript) at CHS office.

Certs to collect :
1) SPM official certificate
2) GCE English 1119
3) LCCI ( Accounting )

Stay updated with our s5 blog for more info.

Best Regards,
Wong and ♥Baboon♥.

Sunday, January 03, 2010


Hey people, I'll be the first one to greet you Happy 2010. Thank you so much for coming to our s5 gatherings on 2009. Keep up the s5 spirit. We will meet again.

Here are some greetings from our friends :
1) 2009 ends... 2010 begins... But while we celebrate, let us also look back in retrospect What we have achieved this year? Let us ask not what others have done for us, ask instead what we have done for others. Let us not complain about what went wrong, but instead appreciate what went right. New Years aren't something for us to wish on, New Years are opportunities for us to act upon. Happy New Year Everyone! ~X.T.~

2) 2009 is history i say, 2010 will bring great things i pray. Remember the lessons you've learned 2009 years after christ, and through 2010 you will survive. Iiko Huiyi Teoh

3) I hope all of us will never forget our form 5 life, I know all of us have our own collage life outside, but why not just spend a little time with US the S5-sians, a little time that can bond us together & remember all the memories we had. Try your best to attend the gathering will just make us feel better. keep it up! and happy new year 2010! - Tan Boon Wei -

First of all, thank you to kai jie who host this party.
Shining, smile...
Thank you for coming to this gathering , ying yi and edmund.
Shu ying and Iiko teoh, Jump more.
Hehe, nice teeth jay wvin.
Look at li kee's eyes.
Thanks for the barbecue lamb chop and chicken wings, wei quan and xian tze.
Ying yi and yi rui, they look like sisters, don't they ?
Mun Hon, remove your cap, haha.
Zhen yoong and Iiko teoh
Kai Jie.
Luke Tan Eng Yuan vs Yuri
Fantastic Four
Chun Wai and Boon Wei
Iiko, cut the cake !
World war 2 begins..
Say 5 !
2009 5s5 photo.
Kai Jie's nose.
Lastly, hilter in world war 1.

Check out the pictures in facebook. Stay tuned for the next gathering party. Happy New Year 2010. Great day. Out.